Terms and Conditions

Please read this page carefully! It contains very important information about your rights and obligations, as well as limitations and exclusions. These terms require the use of arbitration on an individual basis to resolve disputes, rather than trials or law suits. If you do not agree with these terms, do not order your product.

We at Gozo.Graphics manufacture large format prints mainly for indoor use. Having this choice at hand, we take all necessary measures to deliver the best possible products to our clients. In all our prints, we use the latest models of large format inkjet printers, in order to deliver a high resolution, the best colour fidelity and durability.

Terms of sale

Upon confirming an order you acknowledge that you are entering a binding agreement between Gozo.Graphics and yourself. It may NOT be altered, supplemented or amended by any other document unless the new document is signed by both you and Gozo.Graphics.

Orders, pricing and payments

Gozo.Graphics strives to communicate accurate pricing and product information but will not be held responsible for any pricing, typographical, or other errors in such communications via both direct correspondence or through our website, pages, etc. Unless otherwise agreed by Gozo.Graphics, payment must be received by Gozo.Graphics prior to our acceptance of an order. Dell may process payment for and ship parts of your order separately.


Product title passes to you when the product is shipped. You have 21 days to notify Gozo.Graphics of any missing, wrong or damaged portion of your purchase or Gozo.Graphics cannot be held responsible for these issues. All products advertised on this website are inclusive of VAT. If you are a corporate client, you must provide us with your corporate information for a VAT exempt sale.


Gozo.Graphics guarantees the prints for two years against fading if kept in the right condition. These conditions are indicated in your Work Order prior to print processing. If the items are not kept in these conditions, the guarantee will be void. In case of a guarantee, you may be entitled to a refund for the cost of the print (excluding shipping costs) if the claim happens within the first 30 days of purchase and the defective item is returned to us within 30 days from the claim. Other guarantee claims will entitle the user to a replacement print, if claim is placed within the guarantee period. Product guarantee starts on the day that the print is received by the customer. Damaged prints are to be reported immediately, and clients are advised not to accept prints of the packing is extensively damaged.

Print quality

It is important to note that the prints will never appear exactly as they do you on your device. Colour variations are common between devices and prints. Gozo.Graphics will however do its best to deliver the most realistic print output possible. For best print quality, we recommend photo paper. Canvas prints and vinyl prints have a tendency to fade the colours. We will take the necessary measures to make up for these colour variations.

Gozo.Graphics will print images at the maximum resolution that the client provides for the print. Gozo.Graphics cannot be held responsible for poor print quality resulting from a low resolution, and the product guarantee terms do not apply for any resolution / original image quality related issues.

Inks used

Our primary choice for indoor prints are water based dye inks. These inks provide the best colour fidelity possible, deliver vibrant colours, and since the solvent used is water, they do not cause allergic reactions or smells. The inks we use are certified to last for several decades if correctly installed indoor. Try to avoid direct sunlight to the prints in order to preserve the print quality.

If you require a print that is subjected to direct sunlight, we offer the option of pigment based UV resistant inks. These inks are also water soluble, thus do not cause allergic reactions or smells. Pigment inks however have the tendency not to be as vibrant as dye inks.

In both cases, the print will not be 100% waterproof, so care is to be taken by the owner not to expose the print to water.

A third option we offer is lamination. For photographic prints, wallpaper, vinyls and other smooth surface prints, we offer plastic sheet lamination, which in addition to offering waterproofing protection, it also increases the print’s resistance to UV light. For canvas prints and other fabric prints, we offer lacquer lamination, which is a layer of transparent covering that is applied to the canvas in two coatings. This coating not only makes the canvas more resistant to direct sunlight and water, but also highlights the colours and makes the prints more vivid. If you are looking for the ultimate quality in canvas prints, it is worth going the extra mile and opt for a lacquer finish. We offer three different types of finish – ultra matte, satin and high-gloss.

Image copyright

When sending an image for print, we are assuming that you own the printing rights for the image. Gozo.Graphics is not responsible for copyright issues relating to images and graphics supplied by the customer. Gozo.Graphics holds the copyright licenses for all images it offers directly.

Customer data and images

Gozo.Graphics will not share, divulge or print customer data or images. All images supplied to the customers to Gozo.Graphics will be treated with the strictest confidence. They will not be made available to other clients or institutions unless we have the written consent from the original uploader. Gozo.Graphics will not publish any imagery or print photography of content supplied by the customer for advertising purposes or any other purpose, unless it has specific authorization from the customer.

Image manipulation

Gozo.Graphics will adjust minor imperfections in the image (such as red eye, small dots or scratches, colour imperfections etc.) free of charge. We will email the customer a copy of the doctored image prior to processing. Gozo.Graphics cannot be held responsible for product issues resulting from excessive image manipulation if the client has approved the print proof.

Governing law

This agreement is regulated by the Laws of Malta, and any disputes are to be contested at the arbitration unit in Gozo.

For more information or if you need further details, please feel free to contact us by phone, email, live chat or through our social media.