Useful information

Image size

When sending in your photo, it is important to send it at a high resolution in order to guarantee the best output result. We recommend a minimum of 50 pixels per cm for photo prints and 30 pixels per cm for canvas prints. On very large prints, these values can be lower, and on small prints they should be higher. Our staff will point out if the image you supplied is suitable for the print size you require. As a rule of thumb, always send the highest resolution image that you have.


Types of media

Different types of media are used for different purposes. Photographic paper delivers the sharpest prints possible. Our printers can print detail of up to 100pixels per cm, even on large format prints. Photo prints also offer the highest level of colour fidelity. These prints should ideally be framed and protected with glass another rigid transparent material.

Canvas prints on the other hand are the most suitable for for hanginig gallery style. Canvas is sturdy and looks exceptional under the right lighting. Although colour fidelity is not as good as photo prints, they are ideal for larger prints and are much easier to maintain.


Canvas border types

When ordering your canvas, you can choose from four different border finishes at no extra cost. The four choices are:

  1. Image wrapped around the borders
  2. Image extruded around the borders
  3. White gallery style borders
  4. Black gallery style borders

Please indicate the border you would like when you send the photo you want us to print. Emails are to be sent to